Christian Excuses: 9 traps of Cultural Christianity

By: J Taliaferro

Are Jesus' teachings intended to make us feel good about ourselves or challenge us to adjust our lives to His culture? Jesus' teachings are only revolutionary if we follow them. Lip service is not enough. Christian Excuses guides you through several of Jesus' more challenging commands and strips away cultural perspectives to reveal Jesus' expectations of his disciples.


Jesus’ teachings are very uplifting and inspiring on the surface. But when you actually try to put Jesus’ commands into practice you find it is more challenging than expected. Christian Excuses explores nine of the most common traps found in Western culture that divert Christians from full obedience to Christ’s teachings.

In the book, we will explore topics like evangelism, giving & calling. It’s a great opportunity to study with a group of friends. Each chapter addresses controversial perspectives and would certainly stir up some challenging conversations.

The kindle version is $2.99 but if you want the book for free, I can send you a PDF copy via email.

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