Our response is critical

There are more important things at stake than our Second Amendment rights. This story is not about guns. Full disclosure: I am a gun owner, member of the NRA & a Texan. But more important than that I am a Christian, that is the lens through which I see the world. A lense of faith in God and others, of a Hope for the future found only in Jesus & Love for all, even those who don’t deserve it.

On November 5th some psycho shot up a First Baptist Church, Sutherland Springs. The church was full of worshipers. A close-knit family full of love for one another and their community. 26 people killed, 20 injured. Then the pundits started politicizing it and getting people stirred up, taking sides. I’m begging you Christians, don’t fall for it! This is our chance to focus on a more positive and life-changing narrative.

The question is not if we should have stricter gun laws. Neither side of that argument will change the evil in men’s hearts. The true question here is how will Christians respond to hate?

Will we respond by preaching the Second amendment or the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Will we respond with anger and defensiveness, claiming our rights as Americans? or will we bury our dead and reach out to heal the wounds created by this tragedy? Will we love people who don’t deserve to be loved? or will we continue to divide ourselves?

The media already has already defined Christians as gun-toting, conservative, heartless, rich, white people. And in many cases, we have played right into this stereotype. But that is not who we really are. That is not what defines us. We are in Christ, we are defined by the indwelling of His spirit, which completely changes our perspectives and how we see the hurting in the world.

You are in Christ if you truly believe he is the answer, act like it. For once, Let’s practice what we preach. Show the world that we are willing to even accept suffering for the sake of His name. This story is not about gun control, but about a fallen world full of people who need the hope of Jesus in their lives. Guess what, the church was created to respond to crisis’ like this.

To show love when anger is expected.

To give life to others when it is taken from us.

To demonstrate hope when all seems lost.

So, to all the Christians reading this, to all the churches involved in this conversation. Be the light of the world, shine in this darkness! It was what you were created for.

Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Matt 5:44

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