Every morning I have a time of devotion with my children. After our devotional we have a time of prayer and then I pray with them before I drop them at school.

I have learned something over the last few weeks about how children pray and it has impacted my thinking about prayer so I wanted to share it. 95% of what my children say to God during this special time is what we adults would call “Thanksgiving,” and it is not contrived either. Though sometimes it can be tiresome when they are thanking God for their dolls and their legos and the socks and cereal and every family member and friend they can possibly remember, but I began to think maybe I should try that. It wouldn’t hurt me to think about as many things that I can to thank God for. My grandmother called it counting your blessings. So, I am going to be thankful this year, not just for the big stuff but for the little stuff too.

I challenge you to do the same. What are you thankful for?

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