Losing Giants

We all knew it was coming. Eventually, our friend Billy would die. He wasn’t perfect, but to some of us, he represented as close as it gets without having nail-scarred hands and a thorn-marked forehead. Still, even though we were expecting it, Billy’s death filled us with a mixture of sadness and joy when it happened. We are sad because our role model had left us but joyful because he had been made whole. But I found myself having another emotion, inspiration.

Jeremy Taliaferro
person standing near the ocean

Leaders Go First, Leaders Go Last

Leadership is a hot topic in America, especially in Christian circles. But we also have a long history of getting it wrong. The disciples had a specific idea of leadership that they imposed on Jesus. Jesus tried to prepare them for His kingdom and how things don’t work the same there. But until the unthinkable happened, they couldn’t grasp that Jesus was leading from a position of humility and suffering.

Jeremy Taliaferro