Naser is a refugee twice removed. First, due to the genocide in Darfur, he fled to South Sudan. Then as South Sudan broke into war, he had to flee and seek refuge in Uganda. Incidentally, while in South Sudan, he heard of Jesus, and his life changed forever.

He has been in prison numerous times because of the boldness of his faith and his willingness to tell Muslims of his newfound freedom in Christ. His scar-covered body demonstrates how much he believes that the Gospel is true. 

Though he has passed through many trials and persecution for the name of Christ, the thing that struck me most about him when I met him is his smile. Naser and his wife Iman had their first child in 2018. It was an unforgettable and life-changing event. 

Two former Muslims who were brought up learning of Mohammed and memorizing the Koran are now raising their child to know the story of Jesus and his redemption of humanity. They have taught me that real life is found only in Christ, and they will teach their son as well. 

It is easy to say that, but as you watch them live their lives, you see that it is 100% true with no reservations for them. It’s challenging to re-evaluate our lives. Do our actions demonstrate what we believe?

Photo by William Haun

I will unequivocally say I want to live more like Naser and Iman. They have taught me a lot about how to follow Jesus. 

In my time working with refugees, I have learned a lot. It is not what I thought it would be. These are real people living inspiring lives. I expected it to be about meeting needs and helping people; I wasn’t prepared to be inspired by them every time I went to the camps. 

The believers living in these very humble settings are genuinely focused on eternal things, their eyes fixed on the things above. They are planting churches, helping others & sharing their faith. They are expanding His kingdom in the refugee camps. I feel privileged to have worked alongside them. 

When the war broke out in 2013, we were deeply saddened by the human suffering that followed. But I have seen God’s sovereignty and provision as he has brought these refugees (many from people groups who have never heard of Christ) to a safe place, with access to people who love them and will help physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

As a missionary, it is a dream come true! It is an unprecedented opportunity. Just one hour from my home, God has delivered 1.4 million people with whom I can share the love of Christ, and they are ready to listen.

Who has God placed in your path? Are you living real-life like Naser & Iman or just going through your days unaware of the opportunities he has set at your door?

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