gold mosque during sunset

Every morning starting at around 4:45, our city will come alive. Sleepy imams will turn on loudspeakers. The early morning skies are filled with the droning of the adhan or the call to prayer. 

The repetitive Arabic rhythm and phraseology come from every direction in the city. The Muezzin from the minaret tower sings it; some sing high, others low, some are fast, and others are slow, but all have identical words and intent. To encourage piety and devotion to Mohammed and Allah; Come to the mosque to pray! Here is the translation:

God is Great

I bear witness that there is no god except the One God

I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God

Hurry to prayer

Hurry to Success

Prayer is better than sleep (only said for the pre-dawn adhan)

God is Great

There is no god except the One God

This daily reminder usually lasts until about 5:30, and everything returns to normal. 

I usually wake up during this time every day. Day after day, the Muezzin pleads with Mohammad’s followers to call out to a God they do not know. They encourage them to devote themselves to the empty teachings of a man who tells them of a distant God who can’t be personally known or doesn’t care for them intimately. Early in the morning, these holy men urge their adherents to cry out to a God who is not love, who knows nothing of forgiveness or grace. 

Day after day, as I heard this call to “prayer,” My mind began to focus on those who were listening and responding. 

Who else is waking up right now? 

How many of them are rolling out their carpets and kneeling to pray to a God who does not hear or answer? 

I was reminded of how I was once a captive to religion but knew little of a personal God who loved me deeply. At first, this alarm clock that comes free of charge in many cities around the world was a significant annoyance. 

But I decided to adopt their call to prayer and adapt it to my own uses. 

When I hear it, I pray for those who are lost. I pray that they will find Truth. I pray they are drawn to Isa (Jesus), whom Muslims also revere. I pray that his life and teachings bring them to a proper understanding and a deep relationship with God. I pray that I will have the opportunity to tell them about a God who loves them so much that he was willing to suffer on their behalf, even unto death. I long to tell them of the empty tomb, the victorious Jesus, the indwelling Holy Spirit who guides, counsels, and encourages. 

My friends, we are surrounded by reminders of God’s grace & love. But we are also prompted daily to remember the lost-ness of man. We see examples of man’s fruitless pursuits, which lead to destruction. 

If we are listening, it should compel us to live with purpose. It should send us to our knees to pray for those searching for truth in the wrong place. It will inspire us to reach out & make new friends. To introduce them to a God who loves them.

I pray that my (and your) life will find purpose and Divine focus in even the most mundane things of life. 

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