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Imitating God Series

Like most teenage boys in the 90’s, I was obsessed with Michael Jordan. My walls were literally covered with MJ posters of the G.O.A.T. dunking on his opponents. You seriously could not see the color of the walls for all the posters. I had a couple of jerseys, but I couldn’t afford the shoes. Which seems much less critical now than it did back then.

Jeremy Taliaferro
Hard Christian Truths

I Am A Pilgrim

What is it that genuinely stirs your passions? Politics? Sports? Fashion? Maybe travel? Social Media has given us a revealing peek into people’s true passions. If you go to someone’s Facebook or Twitter feed you will see conspiracy theories, political rants, sports rivalries, and trolling, lots of trolling. All of this revealing what it is that captures your interest and attention.

Jeremy Taliaferro