Real Life

Naser is a refugee twice removed. First, due to the genocide in Darfur, he fled to South Sudan. Then as South Sudan broke into war, he had to flee and seek refuge in Uganda. Incidentally, while in South Sudan, he heard of Jesus, and his life changed forever.

Jeremy Taliaferro

Your Name Is Elijah

In 2017 my nephew was diagnosed in the womb with Spina Bifida. I knew his life would be characterized by struggle, but his parents were brave and they trusted God. They decided to name him Elijah. I wrote this letter to Elijah before he was born. In honor of Spina Bifida Awareness Month, I share it with you

Jeremy Taliaferro
Christian Living

Consume or Cultivate

God is a creative being; he forms things and works to perfect them. To be like Him, we must also learn to create. But most of us are consumers. We don’t make anything. We buy what other people make, and we use it. 

Our consumer mentality disconnects us from our immensely creative God. This is especially true in our relationships.

Jeremy Taliaferro