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For hundreds of years, going to the mission field meant going through your denomination’s sending agency. As denominations become less relevant in the 21st century, the Great Commission remains. The first-century church had no denominations; maybe that is what allowed them to have such a far-stretching impact on the Kingdom.

So what are the alternatives to denominational mission agencies today?

Multiplication networks

A multiplication network is a group of churches or para-church organizations with a shared vision of multiplying churches and making disciples. They come together for prayer, training, and resource sharing to reach more people with the Gospel. Some well-known multiplication networks are Acts 29Every Nation, and Converge.

Non-denominational missions organizations

Some missions organizations are independent organizations with a heart for the global mission field but are not associated with any specific denomination. They may be focused on a particular region or type of ministry, such as children, health, or church planting. Some well-known non-denominational missions organizations are PioneersAfrica Inland Mission & YWAM.

Missional churches

A third option is an established local church with a passion for missions. This is old school. Jerusalem and Antioch were well-known churches in Acts that sent out missionaries.  But to put this in context, it usually meant a network of multiple house churches meeting throughout the city working together to send missionaries to foreign fields.

The same can work today, and it has the benefit of providing a deeper relationship between missionary and church. The church recognizes that the work the missionary is doing is simply an extension of the ministry of that local body of believers.

In the end, there is no one perfect answer to the question of how you should go to the mission field. Each of these alternatives has its own strengths and weaknesses. But it’s important to remember that the Great Commission is still our mandate from Jesus, no matter what form our mission sending takes.

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