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Defeat the bosses in your life

Right now, people are trying to give Christianity a facelift to appeal to the younger generation, which has grown up with technology and internet culture. This article is meant to be fun. Don’t overthink it. Come along for the ride and enjoy.

Look at our young people. They have been surrounded by video games since birth. Most men in their 30s still game several hours a week. Most of our kids have played video games. Sometimes gaming can be harmful, but we can also learn some things from this technology.

If you want to reach out to a gamer, you must use terminology from his everyday life. They have grown up with technology, and you cannot expect to reach them using the same boring terms as their parents. This article will teach you how you can use video game terminology to level up your walk with God:

“Power-ups” are any spiritual resources you can use to defeat the bosses in life and make it to the next level (level-up). For example, fasting is a great power-up when you are fighting temptation or trying to overcome some sin. Prayer and Bible Reading can also be “game-changers.”

But here are three secret power-ups not everyone uses regularly:

1) Multi-player mode: Some games are more fun to play alone, but not the Christian life. It must be played in Multi-player mode. The church is filled with a diversity of gifts and players. You must join forces to successfully progress through life’s challenges. Learn all you can about your teammates and use your collective strengths to overcome your weaknesses.

2) Reduce your loot: Don’t weigh yourself down with useless loot that you find throughout life’s game. Lighten your load and live life simply. An excess of things in this life can lead to greed and idolatry. So live simply and make a habit of generously giving to those in need.

3) Take regular breaks: Some gamers boast about 12+ hour gaming sessions. There have been several cases of people playing in Asia until they actually die. But in life, you have to take breaks from the action. Don’t overdo it. Allow yourself to rest, take a sabbath at least once a week. Meditate on God’s word and let it help you make wise decisions when you get back into the game.

There are many other video game concepts that you can use to take back your spiritual life. Still, the most important thing is that you decide to take action today!

Never forget that God loves you unconditionally. He wants to empower every spiritual gamer in America with His Spirit so they may be godly sons, daughters, and servants.

The very best way to level up your walk with God is through the word of God itself. Memorize scripture, read it regularly and pray constantly so that you can level up! And you can say on the final day:

“All your base are belong to us!”

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